The Mudd Brothers are powerful cocktail of pawnshop acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo and a suitcase drum kit. They have been enthusing audiences with their ability to blend musical genres and create a sound that is entirely their own.


The band, which consists of Monty P. Marshall (guitar/mandolin), Greg Hargarten (guitar/dobro), Corey Hildebrand (bass), and Lou Fontaine (suitcase drumkit), has endeared itself to fans with the use of traditional instruments to create Americana versions of your favorite pop, rock, disco, funk, country, and folk tunes.


Their down-home covers of hits such as Collective Soul’s “Shine” and Techtronic’s “Pump up the Jam” have earned them a dedicated following, as audiences are consistently charmed by their ability to take well-known songs and give them a fresh, new sound.


One of the band’s most popular covers is their rendition of “Rasputin” by Boney M. The Mudd Brothers’ version takes the pop hit and turns it into a foot-stomping Americana anthem, complete with Monty P. Marshall’s intricate mandolin playing and Lou Fontaine’s suitcase drumkit providing the driving beat. The band’s ability to transform modern pop hits has earned them praise from both followers and fellow musicians.


The Mudd Brothers’ live shows are not to be missed. Their performances mix high-energy music and irreverent fun, with the band’s infectious sense of humor, making them a hit with audiences of all ages.


With their distinctive approach to music and their off-beat humor, the Mudd Brothers have become a compelling musical act. Their ability to reconstruct popular hits into contagious roots-oriented tunes has earned them faithful supporters, while their original compositions showcase the band’s accomplished musicianship and skill.


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